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When I moved to Mount Laurel 22 years ago, I couldn't believe this wonderful library was mine to use! And it just gets better every year! Because of the wonderful selection of books, my children grew up to love reading, just as I do! When my son was in college I was able to get him the extremely hard to find books and videos through the interlibrary JerseyCat program.

-Debbie F, Mount Laurel
December 2013


My library is NOT just books!! I am truly amazed about all the wonderful things Mount Laurel Library has to offer. One day I just signed on and started browsing through the website. From that day forward, I've committed myself to learn MS Project 2010. I find the instructional video (in the Learning Express Library) very thorough and easy to follow. It helps me because I am a visual and audio learner so to hear and see the person actually guiding you through the steps is remarkable. The video style gives me the "in the classroom experience" feel without breaking the bank because it's all FREE!!
I've been out of the classroom of learning for a few decades so Mt Laurel Library is giving me the opportunity and the confidence to learn new skills at my own pace!! THANK YOU MOUNT LAUREL LIBRARY!!!

-Cheryl, Mount Laurel
June 2013


Hi!  About a year ago I decided to go school at Lincoln Tech School in Moorestown NJ.  Here is where my journey began.   I am currently a Home Health Aide.  I thought to myself, “How am I going to do this working 60 hours a week and go to school?”  Well, on 2/5/12 I enrolled in school.  GOD’S GOT MY BACK.  I spent so many nights thinking about why I have not done this sooner.  I practicality lived at the library.  The entire staff are so very kind and helpful.  Mr Dave has been so encouraging to me.  I just think he is so sweet.  My days were crazy at first, trying to get a schedule together, working 7 days a week, and going to school 4 days, was no joke. I finally got it. I just would like to share with you, that on MAY 2, 2013 I Graduated from Lincoln Tech School.  I am so very happy right now.  Life has been rough for me, but that Great Man upstairs saw that I had a plan.  I just would like to say to the staff at the Mount Laurel Library. from the bottom of my heart with sincere thanks, I am so grateful and humble. I do plan on going back for my Nursing Degree.  This is one journey that I can’t miss. On a roll now !!!!!

-Darlene C, Mount Laurel
June 2013



“There’s nothing better for your money than the public library.”

Ted M.


We moved to Mount Laurel two years ago after living in Moorestown for over 30 years. We have come to really love the Mount Laurel Library.

Frank K, Mount Laurel
August 2012


Hurricane Sandy put a tree in our house. No one was hurt, but the house is not safe to live in. My husband and I along with three beautiful kitties have been living in a studio room at the Residence Inn at Mt. Laurel. The Mt. Laurel Library is a two minute car ride from the hotel vs. 25 minutes to the Mount Holly Main Branch.

I don't know about you but in times of stress, I reach out to those comfort things. Your local library is a comfort;a place to be welcomed; a place to receive a smile and maybe have a small chat about what are the hot books. It makes you feel normal - normal is a really nice feeling.

I went to the Mt Laurel library to pay for a 3 month card. The Circulation Supervisor saw that I listed the Residence Inn, Mt Laurel as my temporary address. She let me know that your Board ok'd people who have been displaced by the storm to receive a card for free. She was so friendly and I felt like I was in a place where I could come and be with friends. I was waiting for the card and she told me to go look around the library, the card would be ready when I came back to check out.

Your library is amazing, beautiful and an exciting place to walk around.

Thank you for letting me be part of your community. It does lower the stress of the situation to know that I can return my books and pick up new ones by just going around the corner.

We are blessed that no one was hurt and that insurance will help fix our house. The Mount Laurel Library however has made me feel at home.

Thank you,

Kathleen C
December 2012



It was so nice of you! Thank you. We had such a wonderful time when we visited the Battleship New Jersey for FREE. It was so interesting, cool and informative. My children and I LOVED it.

Madeline W, Mount Laurel

July 2012


Career Coaching Series – Alex Freund – What an incredible experience. Well-paced classes. The amount of material/resources passed on to us was extraordinary. I can’t imagine what it cost ML to get him, but he was worth every penny. I really am thankful that I could avail myself of this workshop and I also am glad I didn’t have to front the amount of money it was worth because I’m unemployed. But I’ve learned what was wrong with my resume, my networking technique and several things in between. Totally Helpful!!!


Laura H-P, Philadelphia, PA (non-resident card holder)

April 2012



I don't think you'll encounter many stories like mine. I met my husband at the Mount Laurel Library. In June of 2005, I drove by the library and noticed free ballroom dance lessons would be held on Tuesdays. Country Line dancing had been a favorite with me, but I was ready for a change so I went the following Tuesday, and every Tuesday until the program ended. Diane Alcavage was the instructor, and her advanced student, Jack was among the class helpers. The classes were so much fun that three of us continued with instruction. We were known as the "library girls". During these group lessons Jack and I got to know one another. We started dating, and were married August 11, 2006. Today we live just minutes from the library, and constantly make use of the services offered there. We particularly enjoy listening to recorded books on long trips. My book club is interested in using the book club bags you offer. Jack and I are still dancing. I am now helping newcomers during the free ballroom dance classes at the library.

Lorraine H, Mount Laurel


A PA colleague and I share similar book interests and are always suggesting books and authors to each other. We often utilize our respective libraries for books instead of buying them. I tell her the variety of material that is available at mine and the other perks like classes, concerts, art displayed, etc. She has said more than once how envious she is of my library!

Jessica, Mount Laurel
November 2011


It is always a pleasure from an intellectual, social and musical standpoint to stride through the entryway of this “other world” a delightful, spell-binding “adventure zone” also known as the Mount Laurel Library!  I get a sense of exhilaration, and an adrenalin rush with EVERY visit!  It’s not just about the vast selection of books!  I cherish the Second Sunday concerts, the special guest workshops/presentations, the art shows and the fact that one can buy used “deep discounted” literature anytime!  I treasure the “oh-sooooo-comfy” landings upon the large selection of well-upholstered chairs that entice visitors to partner them with great literary escapism!  The staff has been consistently cordial and helpful, too!  Can’t slight the snacks provided, either, set out for select events.  Food for the mind AND the body! 

I regularly observe patrons of all ages and stages milling about, many with a confidence that the library is a “fave-haven” for them!  I can’t help but to be inspired and irresistibly drawn to the wealth of materials available in “text,” as well as “tech” (technology!).  All of it projects an aura of “one stop shopping,” where sooo many “cranial cravings” can be splendidly satisfied!  July 2011 marks the “first anniversary” of my first visit here.  The warmth I feel for this terrific oasis is second to none!  When I exit, I leave with a sense of having been somewhere quite special, unique and personable!  It is environmentally friendly, too, as in a “friendly environment to be in!”

If you haven’t “checked it out” yet, make it a must-do “booking” on your agenda!  Experience the “difference it can make” for yourself!

Karen J., Atco, NJ
July 2011


Resident for twenty years, never came to the library, lost job in 2008, started coming to the library in 2010, using computers with help of staff.  I landed a great paying job and met some awesome residents and staff, and even though I have a job, I still find time to come by the library daily, if just to say hello.  This place is great!!!  I hated going to libraries in the 70’s but I enjoy myself now and look forward to coming to all events.  Thank you staff!!

Chuck O, Mount Laurel
April 2011


Being a new mom, the library has made a big difference in my life and my daughter’s.  Baby storytime has helped my daughter with social interaction and has helped me to connect with other moms in the area.  I recommend baby storytime to all moms with little ones. 

Christina M, Mount Laurel
April 2011


I would not have a quiet, clean and conducive place to study if it were not for the library.  I have been able to do research, complete college papers and submit them all by using the wifi available here.  Thank you. 

Monica L, Mount Laurel
April 2011


The baby storytime we attend every week has been the only class my child and I regularly attend.  It is enjoyable, entertaining and an enriching experience.  Best of all, it’s a wonderful place to meet other moms and playmates and it’s informal and free!  I love this class- its teachers are great.  So much fun!  Thank you for providing this get-together!

Amanda F, Mount Laurel
April 2011


I have raised 3 children in Mt Laurel and I don’t know what I would have done without the library and storytime.  It was a huge part of my children’s lives. 

Janet D, Mount Laurel
April 2011


I am 82 years old.  Almost all of my personal friends have left this life and I am able to fill the empty space in my every day schedule with trips to the library…The employees at the library are the most helpful people I’ve encountered in years.  Thank you for the good things you all do.

PS.  It’s also a pleasure seeing all the young people hard at work on their papers.

Norman M, Mount Laurel
December 2010


I have taught yoga to children and adults in the library for the last few years.  Turn out at this library is between 30-50 people.  They love this environment at the library and feel at home.  They learn many new things and make new friends. 

Debbie R, Hainesport, NJ
August 2010


For me, the Library is the center of the community. If we are to have a promising future, we should have a good library, and Mount Laurel has an excellent one. When I see young people who want to go to the library, I don't despair for our future.

William H, Mount Laurel
June 2010


Since I retired in 1997, I have read, or listened on tape or CD to at least 1168 books, which I borrowed from the Mount Laurel Library. This is in addition to the many music CDs and movies on DVD that it has provided for me. I've learned to use a computer, improve my gardening skills, and trace my ancestry through workshops provided here. The concerts, art and historical exhibits, as well as the quilt displays, have given me, and other patrons, much enjoyment. Access to databases has provided useful information. On a recent trip, I had librarians from another part of New Jersey tell me what a great library we have, and how impressed they were when they came here for a tour. When I brag to friends about the various attractions in Mount Laurel, our Mount Laurel Library is right at the top of the list! Thank you for your many services and outstanding staff.

Sandra S, Mount Laurel
June 2010


As a library employee I had never attended a Story Time before, but I recently had the pleasure to do so as a parent with my 3 year old son. I was amazed at the educational and entertainment value that was packed into 45 minutes. A room FULL of preschool aged children got to hear 3 stories, learn 3 letters, dance, play musical instruments and do a craft. Perhaps we should change the name of the program to Reading Readiness 101! I would have been happy with a story being read by an adult other than my husband or me, but this was so much more. What a nice surprise and what a gem. Thanks to Mount Laurel Library's Youth Services team for preparing our children for school and beyond.

Joan S., Chesterfield, NJ
May 2010



Without the library, I would not have met many of my friends. It brings us closer, and the books give me something better to do then TV. I love reading.

Kayleigh B
May 2010


The Mount Laurel Library has been an extension of home, a knowledge builder, and an entertainment vehicle for our family since my children were 2 years old. It started with storytime and craft programs, moved to Teen Advisory Board, summer volunteer programs, game nights, and mega teen tunes. The movie selection has saved us a significant amount of money and when we are late and have to pay a fee, we don't mind because it a contribution. Then there are the books. Lately, my teenagers have sharpened their SAT skills with books from the library and continue to read selections they are passionate about. My husband likes the historical selections and I enjoy the non-fiction. The Mount Laurel Library is Mount Laurel's recreation center and we applaud those who keep enhancing it.

Lynn C, Mount Laurel
May 2010


Being a teenager, there aren't many places that you can call your home. I know, I know, you're supposed to talk to your parents, and have other people to help you along the way; but the general consensus between my friends and I, the library was our home. With wonderful leaders above us, great activities, and a friendly atmosphere, the Mount Laurel Library is where my heart still remains.

Paul M, Mount Laurel
May 2010


I discovered our library last year and absolutely love it. I brag about it to our friends in neighboring towns, none of whom have such exceptional variety or service in their own libraries. This is one of the most tangible and worthwhile uses of tax dollars I've ever seen and certainly one we shouldn't lose. Our library staff has every reason to be proud of what they've accomplished. Thanks for doing such an excellent job!

Leigh E, Mount Laurel
March 2010


Since first volunteering at the library I have learned very much about the workings of the library. It has been an education that I have enjoyed very much. I have also taken advantage of the training days the library makes available to volunteers as well as employees. The last training day I attended I learned about the Kindle and was very interested in it and thought I would like to purchase one for myself at a later date. Imagine my surprise when I opened my gifts from my oldest son and his family on Christmas morning and there was the Kindle and accessories. I am enjoying it very much and have already read my first book on it. I plan to use it a lot when I go on vacation. Instead of having to pack several books, I'll only have to pack my Kindle.

Patricia C, Mount Laurel
January 2010


Mount Laurel Library is a wonderful, enriching place not only for me as a student and mother but also for my children.  We come to the Mount Laurel Library almost every day.  There are so many resources within the library that help me with my classes at BCC in Mount Laurel.  We love your library.  The staff is always very pleasant and professional.  This is very refreshing to see.  Your staff and library deserved to be recognized by the state.  I would like to say thank you for all that your library provides me and my family.  I also would like to thank your staff for always being so kind.

Donyll S. – Camden, NJ
Jan 2010


My home computer was getting repairs and I was starting my first year of college after many years of not attending school. The library allowed me to complete the many papers that I needed to write as well as provide me with a quiet place to study. I was very reluctant and mad that I had to trek down here almost every nite, and I couldn't wait until I got my computer back from repair. The first chance I got, I paid the 400.00 to pick it up. After sitting at home trying to complete my paper for finals, I found it very hard. There were so many distractions at home and I couldn't concentrate. I grabbed all my books, got in my car and went back down to the library where I completed my paper for finals in 2 days. It is now another semester and the only time I have turned on my computer at home is when the library is closed-I have come to realize that the library is not just for getting a book or checking your mail. When you don't have access to the internet it can be a sanctuary as well!

Natasha W., Mount Laurel
Jan 2010



Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  The Fired Up for Literacy Program you ran over the holidays was a great idea.  The chance to rid a fire truck to school was such a cool prize that it inspired my son (2nd grader) to read more than 11 hours over the holidays.  During the course of the two weeks, his reading improved and he even decided to read a chapter book by the end.  Even after the contest ended, he has continued to read on his own and is enjoying every minute.  Whether he wins the trip to school on the fire truck or note, I believe the true prize was the love of reading this program helped “ignite.” 

Joanne B – Mount Laurel
Jan 2010

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Living in Mount Laurel for the past 11 years we have seen the Mount Laurel Library change and grow as our family has grown.  When our children were toddlers we spent many a rainy afternoon playing, reading and meeting our neighbors.  We have participated in all kinds of programs, fro toddler classes, story times and crafts, kids’ yoga and summer reading programs.  We are weekly visitors and have utilized almost all your offered services.  I imagine that the latest economic times have made others aware of the bounty that the public library offers but we have known it for many, many years.  We appreciate the ways you are changing and growing.  Now, as my girls begin their young adult years, we are thrilled to know there will continue to be a draw with the newly expanded YA section and titles.

I’ve belonged to a number of book clubs over the years and I always sing the praises of the Mount Laurel Library to members from other communities.  In fact, the addition of the book club bags was quite wonderful and I can almost always get a title I need in a timely manner. 

As a teacher, I have utilized the children’s section including your extensive Big Book Collection, beyond the immediate needs of my children.

My children often request a trip to the library to stock up on books, videos and computer games.  We appreciate and value our library.

Marina P – Mount Laurel
Dec 2009


Since moving to Mount Laurel in 2004, I’ve become an avid patron of Mount Laurel Library. 

In Chicago, we did not have all of the free “amenities” that Mount Laurel Library has.  From the free concerts, free classes and free DVD rentals, you have it all!

I most enjoy being able to purchase used books for $1.00!!  Also, I always contribute a few extra dollars each visit as it helps you purchase wonderful items to enhance out library.  It is also nice to see what you purchased with all of your donations that you receive from the patrons!

Your staff is warm, helpful and very professional which enhances my visit!  Keep up the excellent teamwork!!

Gordon S – Mount Laurel
December 2009


Thank you Mount Laurel Library!

I have been using the library almost every day for the last 2 and a half months studying for my Civil Service exam and my GREs.  I greatly appreciate the help all of the librarians have given me over the last couple of months.  (In particular, Stefanie and Mrs. Malliet.)  Once again, thank you for going above and beyond your call of duty.  I thank you. 

Happy Holidays!

Gieselle B
December 2009


I take such pleasure going to our local Mt. Laurel Library. If they don't have the book you need, they will either order it for you or put you on a waiting list and call you when the book comes back. They not only have books to read but CD's to listen to and DVD's to watch. Also, if your computer goes on the blink, you can use theirs. What more can you ask for in a library.

Annetta H, Mount Laurel
November 2009


Whenever I am in a new city, one of the places I always check out is the library.  It is such a haven for wonderful items, and most people don’t even utilize it.  I love the library for providing me with free entertainment (books, audio materials, games), workshops (how to find a job, perfect your resume), and just a quiet comfortable place to read or work.  As far as the value that a library, especially the Mount Laurel Library, adds to the community – well, it really is priceless. 

Melodie H. – Mount Laurel, NJ
Oct 2009


After leaving a career of many years to start a family, the library provided me with a new network of friends that I met through attending story time and other children's activities. The library has never discouraged my child's desire to explore, play, and learn. I have met some of my best friends here. I love the Mount Laurel library; it still is my favorite place to bring my girls.

Lynne, Mount Laurel
September 2009


I've lived in Mount Laurel for just a year. The library system here is so much larger than the one available to me in my former town of Robbinsville, N.J. The library has helped change the scope of the life I'm building in Mount Laurel, not the economy. With an expanded access to books, magazines, audio, CDs, movies, computers and the internet, the Mount Laurel Library has become a destination for my family. We enjoy the children's area. The exhibits, especially the quilting exhibits, got me inspired again to renew interest in my hobbies. I've turned to books on organization, clutter control, art, quilting, and home improvements. I stocked up on a few dozen books I've always wanted to read and a few children's cookbooks at the annual book sale. My husband has found his down time at the library. Essentially, the diversity of the collections and the programming available there have made it easy for us to incorporate the library into our regular routine. No to be ignored is the social media approach: I love, love, love the Twitter connection. As well, the constantly evolving collection of for-sale used books is an opportunity for me to expand my learning at home and reminds me to recycle my own books that are no longer needed. I like knowing that 1) it's an aspect of Living Green, 2) over time it becomes part of our family and community culture, and 3) I am helping to pay for something that the township doesn't have to ask the taxpayers in total to fund. The first day I visited the library I bought a book on growing orchids from the used book rack. I had a few plants at home that were weak. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. My $1 find saved my $100 orchids. I'm thrilled.

Mary Danielsen V, Mount Laurel
September 2009


Our family moved from Massachusetts 10 years ago to Mount Laurel.  This library over the years has served as a focal point of my children’s development and our connection to our community through its outstanding children’s programs, diverse selection of books and media, a comfortable environment, friendly staff.  After 10 years of frequenting this library, many changes have been made which make it a fun place to be.  My kids love this place and have learned to appreciate libraries, something I hope they always will.  I am so grateful we live in a place with such a friendly community – it’s our main street.

Karmen A – Mount Laurel
July 2010


I used to pay a ton of money on games, music, DVDs, and books. My dad works in Mount Laurel so I can go to this library. I gloat to my friends all the time how good my library is. Thank you Mount Laurel library.

Matt N, Maple Shade
June 2009


Do you want to feel like one who wants to explore a new territory, go to the unknown parts of our universe, or just have memories of being a child again?  We, enter into the doors of the Mount Laurel Library.  Here there is the busy pace of excitement, researching, and many others to fulfill your own personal need.  Smiles greet you and so many to help you plus an information center run efficiently by professionals who know how to search endlessly.  These are only a few of the high quality rewards that one will find in your library: the place to make a different in your life.  Not only books await you here, but a busy thoroughfare of knowledge.  As the famous writer Dr. Seuss would say “The More that you read, the more things you will know; and the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Surround yourself with the best of the best and that is BOOKS.  When you enter the Mount Laurel Library you are surrounded with a world of knowledge, vast information that is delivered to all ages, young and old alike.  This is always with a smile, courtesy and true professionalism.  Here, the excitement begins.  There are no “hush—hush” sounds, but only quiet sounds of relaxation, inspiration and informative moments which are always received with a helping hand.  This library can be your “Glitzy Ritz”, the “getting away” vacation that provides you for an unforgettable day away from home.  And the Mount Laurel Library does all of this FREE, imagine!  Undoubtedly the best deal of any you can find.

Thelma K – Mount Laurel
June 2009


Of all the services provided by the Mount Laurel Township, hands down the library is the one that I value the most!  I would tolerate reductions in any of the other Township services, but not reductions in those offered by the library.  It is that important a resource for me.  I have lived in Mount Laurel for over 30 years.  And when opportunities have presented themselves to move (or I have contemplated it because of a long commute to a new job, increasing taxes or traffic congestion), one of the key factors that have kept me in the township is not wanting to give up my access to the incredible resources that is the Mount Laurel Library. 

There are several aspects of the Mount Laurel Library that stand out for me.  First, is the incredible quality of the collections, especially the book collections!  That is the service that I use the most.  Literally every day, I spend at least one and one half hours reading a book that I have borrowed from the Mount Laurel Library.  It is very, very rare that a book that I am looking for, whether it is fiction or nonfiction, is not in the collection.  Also, the way the staff displays books, especially new books, brings to my attention titles that I am interested in that otherwise I would not have been aware of!  For example, I recently found an incredible book on the history of World War II because it was displayed in the new book section that otherwise, I would have never seen. 

Second, is the incredible “friendly, service” attitude of the library staff.  They are always so helpful and friendly, whether it be offering to help check out a book when the line gets long or helping to find the location of a book when I cannot find it myself (usually because I did not take the time to read the location that appears in the catalog page!!!)  This quality of service is hard to find today anywhere, and especially refreshing to find in a government-related enterprise!! 

The third aspect of the library that stands out for me is the computer catalog system.  It makes it so easy to fine items that I am looking for, determine where they are located if they are available and reserve them if they are checked out.  Its automated reminder systems that tell me when a book that I have reserved is available, and when items that I have checked out are coming due so valuable to me!!  I would have amassed amazing levels of fines for overdue books if not for the latter feature!!  Finally, the ability to renew books by telephone of via the internet is incredible useful.

There are many other great aspects of the library, too many to list.  The bottom line for me is the Mount Laurel Library is an incredibly valuable resource that can provide incredible value to all members of our community—the young/the old; the ones with children and the ones without—if they chose to take advantage of it.  This universality of potential “customer”, in addition to the incredible quality of its services, makes it truly unique and valuable asset to the community – one that must continue to be developed and supported.

Doug D - Mount Laurel
June 2009


My 4th grader was doing a project about NJ’s environment for her Science and Social Studies class.  In the past, her biggest source of information has been the internet.   I noticed that she was only getting a few bits of information here or there but was using a lot of paper downloading the information to be organized and compiled later inter her report.  Ironically, it was the waster of paper that cot me to talking about a more environmentally friendly library computer catalog and find over 30 books and magazines appropriate to her topic.  We checked them out and then, without wasting any more paper or time, were able to complete the research.  The librarian’s time and talent solved the research problem but more importantly have created a lifelong toll my daughter can use for the next 14 years of her school career…and beyond.  The computer age is great but the teaching tools are still our great librarians.  They still are the force behind the acquisition of knowledge.

Breda W – Mount Laurel


Yes!  We went to the free dance class offered on Tuesday nights.  We’re now doing it for the second time and we love it!  Even though the room gets filled up with people, no one seems to mind.  It’s a roomful of music lovers all enjoying the movements of a new dance that most of us have never done before.  The dances aren’t hard to learn.  And even though they’re simple, it seems to awaken some spark down inside us … the young child in all of us that likes to learn and do something fun that you’ve not ever done before.  Thanks for sponsoring this activity!

No name or date


Dear Mount Laurel Library,
I am visually disabled due to a thyroid condition.  I had given up on reading regular print.  You have a large collection of large print books that have given me a complete rebirth in love of reading.  Thank you, as my quality of life has improved.  You are number 1 in my large print book!

Edith G – Mount Laurel



I LOVE my library. I have listened to 100's of Books on CD and enjoyed having them on my commute. I love going into the library and find all staff ready and able to help with anything. BUT I also love the fine tuning the library has done with the courtesy reminders, online renewals and reserves. How can we ever thank you enough!

Margaret G., Mount Laurel
December 2009


Words cannot fully express the pleasure the Mt. Laurel Library has afforded me....all free of charge. I am extremely proud to have this wonderful facility in my town, so close to home. As a senior, on a very small fixed income, my social activities are limited. However, thanks to this wonderful library I can view the latest DVD's, read any book of my choosing, and when available....attend the summer concerts....all free of charge. During my many years, and I have lived in several locations, I have never known a library to be so well equipped and staffed with knowledgeable, pleasant, helpful employees and volunteers. My sincere appreciation and compliments to everyone.

Marilyn L., Mount Laurel
November 2009


I have been a member for 23 years and find it to be my second home. I love reading and you not only have a great variety of books but also anything I order, you make available. Also, the people in your employ are wonderful, helpful people. I enjoy the courses given and also the concerts that you make available. Suffice it to say, your library is my favorite place to visit.

Paula Y., Mount Laurel
December 2009